🌟Manafest Community Retreat 🌟


 3 Days , 24 Workshops & Classes, 10 Lectures, Pyramid Ecstatic Dance, Live Music Every Day

All Day Micro Dance Floor, International Singing Circle, 2 Concerts, Salsa Jam Party,

  Fire Show & Performances, Wellness Area, Kids Area




❤️Namasté and Welcome Home to the World of Manafest.❤️

A 3 day transformative and life affirming summit of the free spirits to pursue the mission of creating a fusion of arts, sustainability and inspiring visions.Filled up with mesmerizing Concerts, all day Dance Floor, profound Workshops and Classes, Authentic Ceremonies, Singing Circles, Kirtan, Breathwork, Tantra and Bodywork, all day community offerings like Tea Ceremonies, Thai Massage, Sauna, Ice bath, Fire Show and Dance Performances as well as educational classes from a range from Womans Work to Kundalini Activation or Iridology to Human Design. We really got it all in store for you while providing an atmosphere of joy, rejuvenation and deep connection where you can truly open up…to yourself, to your environment and to the community we are part of.

Do not miss this opportunity and be part of a new born tribe, transforming our beautiful community into a tight knitted family, working together to shape the frame of our mutual future on this magical piece of earth, looking not just after each other but the well being of the whole Island in the

This shall be a gathering like no other, where the power of community, creativity and spiritual practice create an unforgettable journey of discovery, growth and belonging.



Come and find out what we have in store for you. 



Pyramid Yoga is a beautiful retreatcentre located in a tropical forest on Thai Island Koh Phangan. It is our mission to offer people a space to connect, to grow spiritually and have fun. The trees of the forest reach high to the sky and our yoga Shala’s have a pyramid shaped roof. The energy moves upward. We offer in-depth transformational programs and residencies to ensure a full and deep transformation for the ones that are called to work with us. Our founding father David Goulet, who has been on the yogic path for more than 50 years, developed his own style of yoga. Chakra yoga, that is mainly focused on the breath. Or you just come for a day, drop into one of our yoga classes, follow a workshop or dance your socks off at our ecstatic dance.


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